Spoken Word Poetry Sample

I remember, when your eyes were like 100 butterflies fluttering inside of me. Flapping their wings in sync to each blind as if God himself has put them there; doing their two step, now, all over my heart while rain dancing with those demons I held beneath me.

I remember, when no one knew about te beauty I held skin-deep, so I would cut myself down the seven layers so it would ooze out of me.  & as i felt the pitter patter run down my skin, i felt myself become prettier.

I remember, when beauty use to be in the eyes of the beholder; a disguise that only real men in this world can bare, but now, its al about hips and big lips, and clearly I dont have neither. So does this terminology that I depict contradict everything you have ever conlficted upon me, i just wanted to feel pretty!

I didnt know, looking like a Spanish Barbie Doll was your interpretation of gorgeous; life is not all about looks. Barbie never had a personality, sure her smile was better than mine, but what about me laugh? That rang like trumpets in your eardrum, or better yet, my intellect. Being smart is the new fad that you just couldn't seem to get your swag around, my brother.

I remember, when you told me that you'd never leave, but like the moon every evening, you were just the shadow beneath the clouds of my imagination; the creation of what was the beginning of my self inflicted makeover.

And now, with every inch closer to the hospital, everyone can now see my humility, my generosity, my poetry, the fact that i'm not able to hold grudges, begrudingly giving you my all because that's all I ever knew how to do.

My inner beauty defeated this steel frame, and I was finally OK with that.