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Costume SuperCenter #1

Baby/Toddler Product Description, 09/19/2016 https://www.costumes ... w-arrivals

Costume SuperCenter product description


Costume SuperCenter #2

https://www.costumes ... 04001955c4

Product Description of the Men's Deluxe Storm Trooper Costume

Costume SuperCenter #3

https://www.costumes ... 04001955c4

Product Description for Women's Stormtrooper Costume

Costume SuperCenter #4

https://www.costumes ... 47f801ece3

Product Description for Deluxe Captain Skulldog Pirate Costume

Spoken Word Poetry Sample


This is one of the many memorized poems I have. This piece was on-stage performed at Dominican College's "Verbal Asylum," a poetry slam created by yours truly. Today, 5 years after its birth and 3 years after I graduated, "Verbal Asylum" is still the most attended event on Dominican College's campus

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Quality & Employee Manual for FileBank Incorporated


This was an individual project I created and implemented for my current employer. During this project, I had to learn the ins-and-outs of all departments within the company, as well as teaching myself the terms of technical writing. 9 months and 80 pages later, the Quality and Employee Manual is now


Informative / Document Managment

Informative Blogging

FileBank Incorporated http://filebankinc.blogspot.com/

I manage and write the contents of this blog for my current employer, FileBank Incorporated.


Leticia Rivera's Resume

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Leticia Rivera's Resume