Leticia (Nikki) Rivera

Leticia (Nikki) Rivera

Greetings, future colleagues!

Graduating with my Bachelor's Degree in English and Communications, I knew I wanted to be a writer. However, as many of us experience, I wondered what type of writing I would flourish in. While I have experience, I was still very leery with which path I should take.

That was the issue with me. Thankfully, I have decided to embrace all of the styles of writing I am familiar with, and utilize them collectively. I am happy to possess a "spunky" style, as well as an informative and to-the-point flair.

Currently, I hold the role as Freelance Copywriter for quite a few organizations; one being Costume SuperCenter, the E-commerce costume whole store. I handle product descriptions for the website, and their three sister websites of Wholesale Halloween Costumes, Anytime Costumes, Costume Discounters. The style of writing is fun, and quirky - a voice I have seemed to master over the last few months.

Any project given to me, I can and WILL tackle and prosper. I am seeking to take my writing skills to an organization that I'm sure I will make a difference in, one comma and semicolon at a time.

Expertise Blogging/Content Writing/Technical Writing/Social Media/Beauty Tips

Skills Content Writing, Blogging, Investigative Journalism, Technical Writing, Social Media, Press Releases, Spoken Word Poetry, Microsoft Office, Legal Correspondences, Reporting, Web Content, Copy.

Location New Jersey


Email leticia.rivera.res@gmail.com

Phone 973-494-1091